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Gabriel Magalski, 7 y.o.

Gabriel Magalski was born on October 18, 2015, weighing 3500 grams. The birth was via cesarean section, and Gabriel received a perfect 10 points on the Apgar scale. However, just two weeks after his birth, his parents learned of the boy's serious health problems. Gabriel suffers from laryngeal flaccidity and narrowing of the trachea in one place. Tragically, during one of the examinations under general anesthesia, the boy's circulation stopped.

Gabriel has undergone several surgeries for clubfoot. Unfortunately, during the last intervention in May 2022, after general anesthesia, there were serious complications when Gabriel began to choke on his own tongue.

Gabriel is struggling with developmental disorders.
To give him a chance at a full life, he needs intensive rehabilitation.

Thank you all for your help!

Collected:  10000 zl / 10000 zl

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