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Сollection of used e-cigarettes

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Wita was the "Hope for the Future" Charitable Foundation. Together with @wolontariusz_dla_swiata, we organized a collection of used (not new) e-cigarettes (Elfbar/Puffbar). The collected batteries will be converted into POWERBANKs and sent to those in need in Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens and defenders urgently need power sources. There is a clear deficit on the market, and prices have risen sharply. Everyone can participate and organize their own "small meeting" at: schools, universities, work, take from friends and family.


You can donate (used) e-cigarettes at the following address: ul. Aleja Jana Pawła II 80 (G)/Lok 14, Warsaw 00-175/5th Floor, from 12:00 to 20:00. The collection will continue until March 5th!

Let's not forget about ecology, it's very important. Battery recycling rules! Hazardous and dimensional waste can be deposited at state waste collection points (PSZOK - Selective Municipal Waste Collection Point). Used batteries and batteries can be distributed in most post offices, schools and universities, as well as in administrative offices and equipment stores.

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