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Our Projects


Help for children

The project is the main direction of our foundation and aims to support children suffering from complex diseases. We try to help these families in a variety of ways: from finding the necessary medical equipment and a suitable wheelchair to financing expensive rehabilitation procedures and treatment.


Hope for the Future

We are proud to introduce the "Hope for the Future" project, which aims to offer young talents a unique opportunity to learn Python programming and graphic design for free in Krakow.

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Education Start

At "Education Start", we combine learning with fun to make education not only accessible but also fascinating. We organize a variety of activities, from interactive workshops to sports events, to shape children's creativity and health.

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Good Deeds Every Day

"Good Deeds Every Day" is our attempt to make the world a brighter place, from paying for senior citizens' groceries to handing out surprise gifts on the streets of Warsaw.


Help for Ukraine

The "Help for Ukraine" project aims to provide urgent assistance in the conflict zone - from purchasing cars for medics to providing humanitarian aid to affected families, including essential medicines and necessities.


Green Future

The "Green Future" project focuses on protecting the environment by organizing forest cleanup campaigns and initiatives that make us think about our planet.

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Support for Animals

The "Support for Animals" project focuses on improving the living conditions of animals in shelters and providing essential food for animals in crisis areas.

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