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We are a charitable foundation

We're in the business of helping people
who need it

Our mission and values

The main mission of the foundation is to help people who have problems,
so that in the future these problems disappear.
Our doors are always open to everyone - we are ready to listen, look for options
and create a whole plan to help those who come to us.

We value the sincere and open people who come to us,

We value the excitement we get from helping sick children, we value the growth that keeps us moving forward into new kinds of help, new challenges and steps in our story.

Foundation history

The foundation was established on 02.09.21

It took months of thinking and speculating about its goals, values and mission before the foundation was established. But the idea to create the "Hope for the Future" project came in one evening.
And the idea turned out to be a hit, because we are doing something for which all the people we help are grateful.

The first year of the foundation (2021-2022)

The main stages of the Foundation's development took place in the second half of the organization's first year.
It was a time of personnel changes, the beginning of the war in Ukraine and the beginning of the pace of development of the organization. It was not an easy time, but our team was able to cope with all the tasks that needed to be done and everyone worked overtime, both staff and volunteers.
With concerted effort and pressure, we achieved what we wanted and grew in line with our mission.

The second year of the foundation (2022-2023)

In the second year of the project, our team is no longer inexperienced, we have begun to properly plan the year and set goals, provide quick assistance, maximize organizational efficiency, be competent in solving various problems - our team has become stronger and wiser, allowing us to spend almost half a million zlotys to help those in need at this stage in just two years.

The third year of the foundation (2023 - 2024)

We continue to grow and expand. Our team and knowledge are growing, the foundation has more support and there are more and more people we have helped.

Our team

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