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Warmth for the Defenders

We are a charity foundation "Hope for the Future"
  Our project aims to help the people of Ukraine who are currently protecting their homes and families.
  We are opening a fundraiser for hand and leg heaters and thermal underwear.
  We do not sponsor war, but only try to save as many human lives as possible with warmth.
  At the end of the collection, all collected funds will be used to purchase heating pads and thermal underwear.
  Thanks to our partner "Patriot UA", they will be immediately delivered to Ukraine to all those in need.

  Let's dive into the numbers a bit:
  20 thousand PLN is 285 boxes, and this is 8,570 pairs of heating pads, i.e. 35,000. heating hours.
  In addition, at the end of the collection, you will find on our website: supporting documents, photos and videos of the shipment.
  Nothing human is alien.
  Warmth in your hearts.

  Below are links to our social networks, where you can learn more about the work of our foundation and see completed projects and reports on them.

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