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Open the Door to the Future

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We are proud to introduce the "Hope for the Future" project, which aims to offer young talents a unique opportunity to learn Python programming and graphic design for free in Krakow.

Place and time:
The implementation of the project will begin on November 1, 2023 and will last until October 31, 2024.
The overall duration of the project is one year, but the actual learning time is 3 months, including 48 hours of classes.

Learning content:
Participants in our project will gain skills in Python programming and graphic design. They will work under the supervision of outstanding professionals and will be ready to start their careers in the field of computer science and web design.

After graduation:
Upon graduation, participants will be given the opportunity to intern at real companies, which will provide them with valuable practical experience. This will allow them to apply the skills they've learned in practice and start their careers in the field of information technology. After all, this is how future leaders and innovators are born.

The slogan:
"Mutual assistance today - hope for the future tomorrow."

Share the drop for the first time!

We encourage you to support our mission. Your donations will help us give bright prospects to young people who dream of careers in computer science and web design. Together, we can provide them with the tools to build a successful career and a brighter future.

Join "Nadzieja Na Przyszłość" and help us offer hope for the future. Your involvement makes a huge difference. Together we can make the world brighter and better for young talents who dream of changing the world.

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