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Teaching segregation in schools

Our charity aims to help children in need, but not only. We also want to do our bit for the planet and educate the public about environmental protection. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we are starting a series of lectures in schools on waste segregation.

We believe that education from an early age is the key to building a better future for our planet. We want to show children that each of us can contribute to protecting the environment through simple everyday actions such as waste segregation. In our lectures, they will learn why waste segregation is so important, its benefits for the environment and the best ways to segregate.

We are convinced that our lectures will contribute to raising environmental awareness among children and their families and encourage them to take action to protect the environment. We therefore invite schools to take advantage of our offer and organise our lectures on waste segregation for their students.

Help us act to protect the environment and educate the next generation about waste segregation. Together we can do a lot of good for our planet!

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