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Nadzieja Na Przyszłość, Fundacja Charytatywna

Bochak Yelizaveta, 11 y.o.

Information from mother Elizabeth:
My daughter was born at 34 weeks weighing 2150 kg. the doctors said it would be a plant, but it's not. 10 days of resuscitation, 1 month in the premature babies ward, the first year of life we ​​did massages and all the doctors' recommendations. After that, we already went to rehab, because we were diagnosed with cerebral palsy and we had to fight so that Lisa could walk.

We did the operation, trimmed the tendons so that the daughter could stand on her feet and not cross them. We achieved very good results, he can move his legs, stand at the support, see, hear and talk. We have already completed one rehabilitation course in Poland, it gave a big impulse and Lisa was able to ride a bike on her own. We need two more rehabilitation courses to complete the full Tomatis (brain stimulation) course, in addition to physical rehabilitation, we want to help Lisa develop better and remember the information she needs.

Thank you for helping!
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