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Nadzieja Na Przyszłość, Fundacja Charytatywna

Ivan Medvedev, 10 y.o.

Ivan Medvedev was born at 33 weeks of gestation as the second of twins. On the third day, he was transferred to the DOCL intensive care unit, where he received intensive therapy for 14 days. Since September 2013, he has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic tetraparesis, which have caused a delay in his psychomotor development. He started showing delayed head holding and had no interest in toys, which led to emotional depression.

From the age of two months, he began receiving massages every month, and medication was administered under the supervision of a neurologist. His first therapeutic rehabilitation outside Kherson involved six courses at the Odessa Regional Charity Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Children "Future." From 03/11/2014, he began rehabilitation at the International Rehabilitation Clinic "Kozyavkin" in Truskavets, where he went through a total of 16 treatment courses.

At present, Ivan's development is still delayed, although he is emotionally adequate, utters distinct words, and can use small phrases. The muscle tone of his limbs, especially in his legs, remains high. He can sit up, roll over and stand with support, but he cannot stand on his own, and his walking is spastic. He requires constant physical rehabilitation and massages.

There is a referral from a Ukrainian neurosurgeon for the operation "Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy" (SDR), which was scheduled to take place in Kiev. However, due to hostilities, it has been postponed indefinitely. The cost of the operation is estimated to be from $5000 to $8000. This operation has the potential to enable Ivan to walk on his own, and every contribution brings us closer to achieving this goal.

Thank you for your help!

Thank you for helping!
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