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Nadzieja Na Przyszłość, Fundacja Charytatywna

Mark Dutsyna, 6 y.o.

Maternal happiness. The light of my life is my son. Mark turned 6 years old. I remember the pregnancy, the joy of the news that there will be two children. But not Fate. Pregnancy complications, surgery, premature birth. Marek's brother - Bogdanczyk did not survive. Marek was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy.

And our whole life turned into a fight for this small, priceless life. Have I wondered why we need this? What's it for? Possibly... in moments of weakness and despair. But usually we just don't have time for it because our son needs constant care and help.

We don't have time to think about ourselves, we need to get our baby back on its feet, in the truest sense of the word. Daily activities. A completely different world, where the second home is rehabilitation centers.

Where the best friends and acquaintances are mothers with children with similar diagnoses. Common experiences, achievements, goals. Where our son's health and quality of life are at stake.

And Mark - the center of our universe, our joy, our pride, our hope.

Thank you for helping!
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