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Kira Zhurawska, 7 yo

Briefly about Kira.
My daughter Kira was born on time, but after birth she could not breathe on her own.  14 days in the intensive care unit left an imprint on her entire life.  In the year Kira received a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, we hardly lived at home, traveled all over Ukraine, took various rehabilitation courses, and it gave results, Kira learned to sit, crawl, began to say her first words.  But now Kira is 7 years old and she still does not walk on her own, does not speak well.  Kira is a very smart girl, she dreams of going to school, she desperately needs constant rehabilitation.  Please help us pay for the rehabilitation course at the Olinek Intensive Care Center

Thank you for helping!

4500 / 4500 zl
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