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Bogdan Pelipenko, 6 y.o.

Bogdan was born in the 38th week by cesarean section. The pregnancy went normally, without any deviations. The boy was born quite large, weighing 4950 grams and measuring 60 cm in height. By about six months, we started noticing that he wasn't trying to sit on his own, so we went to a neurologist. We were prescribed massages, physiotherapy exercises, and so on. He started walking on his own at 1.4 years old, a bit later than his peers. At first, we focused on his physical development and then everything else. He didn't have a pointing gesture, didn't call for his parents, and didn't pay attention to other children...

But doctors said that boys develop later. Only in the summer of 2020 did we undergo examinations and received a disability status. There are many challenges; Bogdan still doesn't speak...

But we're working on it. There's no cure for autism. However, it can be managed through therapies. They are needed extensively and consistently. Sometimes, therapies can help to almost reach a normal state. I don't know what our future holds, but we will always believe in our child, never give up, and work on new skills.

One day he will tell us "I love you," and one day he will have friends...

Thank you all for your help!
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