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Ruzgar Huseynli, 4 y.o.

The boy you see in the photo is 4-year-old Ruzgar Huseynli. The boy has a congenital deformity reducing the lower limbs and a congenital longitudinal deformity reducing the fibula.

This disease is very rare in the world. Since his birth, Ruzgar has undergone five major surgeries. Today, Ruzgar can stand and walk with the help of an orthosis. But in many countries, although this disease cannot be cured, amputation of the leg is recommended.... We have chosen a long and difficult way to fight with our own legs! We need your help today, because we can not buy new orthoses for Ruzgar, we ask for your support in buying these orthoses, which are very important for Ruzgar's life, he wears them day and night! Today we call on all of you to support the little boy on this difficult road.

Thank you all in advance.

Thank you all for your help!

Collected:  12000 zl / 12000 zl

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