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Jaroslaw Dudnik, 13 y.o.

Yaroslav has suffered from cerebral palsy since birth.

The child does not walk and has problems with the functioning of his hands. He has undergone several surgeries to improve leg function. In order to treat and maintain the results achieved, regular classes with rehabilitation specialists and expensive rehabilitation courses with specialized specialists, as well as the availability and use of individual rehabilitation resources. J

aroslaw's main dream is to learn to walk, to be independent, to walk with friends without his parents. He tries very hard, through pain and difficulties he achieves, albeit small, progressive results. And most importantly, he believes that his dream will come true. After a friendly meeting with the specialists of your foundation, I was inspired by the fact that there are people who want to help him realize his dream.

Your support is very important both materially and morally.

It's great to feel support and understanding!!!

Thank you!
We collected:
 14000 zl
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