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Mirosława Bozchko, 7 y.o.

Mira is 7 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy, which means that according to tests, her development corresponds to a child aged one and a half years.

What is she interested in? Just like all children, she loves attention, cuddling, playing, laughing, and even dancing in her own way. She likes to watch cartoons, is a very musical girl who loves musical toys. She enjoys going to the playground, but of course, she needs help with everything – she loves sliding down the slide, but can't climb up by herself, she needs adult support.

She likes to eat, but she can't do it by herself, she can rather eat with her hands, but she can't use a spoon because the movement is too complicated for her.

She loves to run, but she does it on her toes because she doesn't understand that she needs to do it on her entire foot; she constantly needs to be reminded to stand on her heel.

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