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Natan Novikov, 6 y.o.

Novikov Natan was born prematurely at the 32nd week of pregnancy. In the third trimester, his mother developed preeclampsia: her blood pressure rose, which doctors couldn't stabilize. Natan experienced oxygen deprivation. Therefore, making the decision for a cesarean section, the doctors saved both the mother's and child's life.
When Natan was born, he wasn't breathing, spending a month in intensive care, on a ventilator. Then, another three months in the hospital. The boy developed acial nerve paralysis, and at 2.5 months, neurosurgeons placed a shunt.
MRI revealed that Natan had a brain hemorrhage, resulting in severe brain damage and cerebral palsy. Despite this, Natan was developing - he started holding his head, smiling, and reaching for toys. Until, at 8 months, he had his first epileptic seizure, after which he lost all his skills and stopped developing. He was diagnosed with West syndrome.
The ketogenic diet helped, introduced by epileptologists at 1 year old, and after half a year, remission set in, and the child began to develop again. Natan is still on this diet and has managed to get off antiepileptic drugs.
Later, Natan was diagnosed with atypical autism. The boy is very intelligent, can speak, but has communication problems.
At 6 years old, Natan can confidently sit, stand with some support, and walk with minimal assistance. He can walk alone for about a minute but loses balance at the first obstacle.
Every day, Natan undergoes physiotherapy, works with a speech therapist, and engages in sensory integration. These sessions are as essential to him as air.
Natan is a very joyous child

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