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Zinchuk Yaroslava, 4 years old

Jasia is a girl who with one look lets the world know that she can handle anything! She fights daily for the right to a happy and normal life. In the seventh month of pregnancy, her mother learned about her daughter's terrible and incurable diagnosis - tuberous sclerosis, and she knew then for certain that she would not retreat a step and would do everything to ensure Jasia had a happy life. At the age of three months, Jasia began to experience severe epilepsy, and tumors appeared in her brain, heart, and kidneys. All of this left no chance for normal development.

No medications helped, the girl was taken to every possible doctor, but no one could help, and the treatment brought no improvement. Two years ago, we went to a professor in Warsaw, and then he managed to somewhat halt the progression of the disease. Currently, Jasia takes antitumor and antiepileptic drugs, her development is significantly delayed, Yaroslava does not speak, does not understand speech, and walks poorly, which is why we need to spend 5-6 hours a day in rehabilitation centers.

Jasia chose us for a reason, knowing that we would do everything for her future, bring the sky to her feet, just to see her smile and be happy! Her smile gives us the strength to act and helps us understand that we are on the right path. Her hugs and kisses heal, and they do not let us give up!

Jasia is very sociable, loves to play with children, walk with her parents, eat ice cream in the park, and feed the ducks. Our dreams and desires are only about one thing, for our Jasia to have a beautiful future and to hear her say those magical words as soon as possible: "mom, I love you so much". For someone, this may be everyday, but every night and every day, we dream only of this.

We can achieve this only through daily rehabilitation.

Thank you to everyone who joins the fundraisers, thank you to those who make the life of little girl Jasia happy!

Thank you all for your help!

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