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Let's Help Mikhail!

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We are pleased to announce that a new child has joined our charitable foundation – 7-year-old Mikhail Chornogor.

Mikhail is living with autism. At the age of 2.7 years, after contracting the coronavirus, his neural connections were damaged, leading to the loss of the ability to speak, eat, and drink, as well as causing a genetic mutation of two genes. Currently, Mikhail struggles with panic attacks, depression, tantrums, hyperactivity, and difficulties in understanding speech. He also shows symptoms of epilepsy.

Despite all these challenges, Mikhail is an incredibly curious child. He loves the sea and animals, enjoys visiting the zoo, flipping through books with beautiful pictures and encyclopedias. He likes painting with colors and is fascinated by learning the flags of different countries. In kindergarten, he eagerly learns Polish.


Any help for Mikhail is invaluable. We encourage you to support this brave boy in his fight for a better future.

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