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Makar Voronovskyy, 10 years old

Meet Makar Voronovskyy, a wonderful 10-year-old boy with a unique gift for seeing the world in his own way. Despite his diagnosis of autism, Makar radiates joy and inspiration. His passion for drawing, building with LEGO, and his love for cartoons and phone games reveal his creative potential and unique approach to life. Makar is an active and cheerful boy who loves spending time at playgrounds.

He does not speak but can use various methods of alternative communication (gestures, drawing), which adults do not always understand that Makar needs right now, resulting in possible undesirable behaviors. Makar has a very good visual memory, which is his strength. He enjoys spending time with his family.

We are currently raising funds for Makar's treatment. Your help can make a significant difference in his life. Join our charity campaign and help Makar receive the support he needs. Thank you!

Thank you all for your help!

Collected:   5200 zl / 5200 zl

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