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Sofia Pavlenko, 8 y.o.

Sofia Pavlenko was born prematurely at the age of 30. The girl weighed 1.7 kg. Doctors fought for her life for 15 days because the baby was not breathing on her own.
Finally our daughter was able to make it, and we were happy about the wonderful parenthood ahead of us. However, in the 7th month of her life, Sofia started having seizures and we struggled again to live a normal life.
Due to a medical error, my daughter lost time and did not receive anti-epileptic medication. At 1 year old my daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
Sophia is now 8 years old and is making progress: she can tell poems, loves to sing, play and play to grade 0 in Pulaws.
In 2019, Sofia had her nog appt transferred to Krakow. After the surgery, my daughter got better at walking with braces and a walker.
Now we are in trouble again - full-scale war in our country! We lived in a basement for a while, and then we had a service to go to Poland.
For 6 months my daughter had no opportunity for rehabilitation, her condition was critical.
Sofia may not be able to use her feet, her foot is rotated and she is in dire need of new orthoses. The cost of orthoses is 15 700 PLN, and that amount is insurmountable for us.
In her 8 years my daughter has gone through: hundreds of rehabs, 2 surgeries and family can't help her move forward!

Thank you all for your assistance!

Paid treatment:
 11000 / 11000 zl
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