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Nadzieja Na Przyszłość, Fundacja Charytatywna
Nadzieja Na Przyszłość

Szumowski Bernard, 4 y.o.

Bernard  is an incredibly charming four-year-old who loves cars and is fascinated by mechanics. His passion also includes listening to music, and lately, he prefers strong songs about Vikings and motorcyclists.

He is a boy who needs to be supported so that he can develop his interests. Unfortunately, his illness poses a significant challenge to his motor development. Dystonia, which he has had since birth, means that Bernard cannot run like other children his age. His hands are not precise in grasping, and he is unable to play instruments, which frustrates him greatly.

For Bernard, almost every movement is a struggle with the opposition of his body; he must constantly maintain his balance to independently explore his environment and be independent. Every day he must take medication to substitute for the deficiency of neurotransmitters, and rehabilitation is an essential routine that will ensure his future. His parents are asking for help because the costs of rehabilitation are enormous.

The "Nadzieja Na Przyszłość" Charitable Foundation has already helped Bernard with one rehabilitation process, and the results are attached below.

Therefore, any help that comes from the heart is very much appreciated and fills Bernard's family with gratitude.

Thank you for helping!
Paid treatment: 1500 / 1500 zl
Group 97 (21).png
Collection for new: 6000 / 6000 zl
Group 97 (21).png
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